Julie Pringle

My love for photography has evolved over and over again throughout the years. Though one thing has remained constant, the motivation to ignite emotion from a single image.

Try to think of one exceptional image in a magazine or on social media that doesn’t spark emotion, can’t do it can you! My motivation behind every click of the camera is to help stir up an emotion.

It’s simple! A great image should create a feeling within the hearts of your target market. After all, it is emotion that motivates people to buy, consume or take part. A food shot should make the mouth water, a photo of a personal trainer should make you feel a sense of motivation to work out, a beautiful home or custom closet space should inspire you to live bigger, better and more contented, and a professional headshot should say exactly what the subject wants to be said about them.

My 20 plus years of business experience in sales and marketing has sharpened a keen eye and expanded my sense of enthusiasm as a professional photographer. I’m intrigued with social communication and connection, so much so that it inspires me every day, and each one of my clients helps me to better understand the languages of photography.

My purpose for all of it, CONNECTION of course!

Let’s connect!
Sincerely, Julie

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